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2019 Red Paddle Co Elite 12'6 X 28
2019 Red Paddle Co Elite 12'6 X 28" Infltable Stand Up Paddle Board + Bag, Pump, Paddle & Leash
Red Paddle Co Elite 12'6 Infltable Stand Up Paddle Board + Bag, Pump, Paddle & Leash For competitive types racing in the 12'6 class! The inflatable SUPs are long and narrow, which means they're lightning quick through the water but also very easy to manoeuvre, control, glide and ride.

Being inflatable they pack down and can be easily transported to races all over the world.

We offer two sizes for the 12'6 class of racing; The 26" wide for advanced rides or riders less than 110kg/240lb or the 28" wide for the less experienced rider or those up to 120kg/265lb. What's in the box? Elite 12'6 Air SUP Board 3-piece paddle Red Original Classic backpack/Board bag Titan Pump Repair kit water resistant phone case Removable US box fins RSS battens FFC rod Board Specs Length 12'6" Width 28"/711mm Thickness 5.9"/150mm Volume 340 Litres Rider weight up to 120kg/265lb The Competitive Edge FFC - Extra rigidity to triumph in extreme circumstances Forward Flex Control or FFC is a patented innovation by Red Paddle Co that stiffens the front section of the board to remove the flex created in sprinting phases of a race.  It also increases board speed to give you the competitive edge.  The system is made up of a compression strut that works in combination with RSS to deliver a more rigid ride.  It is attached during the inflation period and is very simple to set up. RRS - Stiffer boards for better results Getting a good start in a SUP race is vital for success, but it's also the moment you put the most pressure on the board.  RSS counter flex with two stiffening battens that are inserted into pockets on the sides of the board.  On Elite boards these are combined with FFC to ensure the most rigid ride of any inflatable SUP on the market. MSL - Fusion finish to save valuable weight It's only in a competitive situation that the full value of Red Paddle Co's MSL fusion composite and airtight coating structure can be recognised.  This industrial process reduces the amount of glue used to build a board, saving more than 2kg in weight.  Not only does it make the board easier to carry but it also helps it to fly over the water faster. Tec Air - Flawless manufacturing process quality You don't want to be let down by your equipment during a race, and that's what makes Red Paddle CO's Tec Air so special.  It ensures that the boards are made with maximum durability and a minimum of flaws.  Without this this unique structure, most other inflatables bend out of shape and push th
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2019 Red Paddle Co Windsup 10'7 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board + Bag, Pump, Paddle & Leash Picture
2019 Red Paddle Co Windsup 10'7 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board + Bag, Pump, Paddle & Leash
Red Paddle Co WindSUP 10'7 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board + Bag, Pump, Paddle & Leash This SUP is great for paddlers who want to make the most out of all conditions! Yes, a SUP that's also great for windsurfing.

With the purpose built wind 10'7, you get the benefits of the worlds most popular inflatable SUP, only with the added benefit of being able to fit a sail for the days when the breeze is up.

It has a mast foot built into the board, and a removable centre dagger fin system, giving it impressive tracking when in windsurfer more.

The 10'7 makes the perfect base for a windsurfer because its wide in the midpoint, offering great stability.

Plus, of course, you can pack away the sail and it becomes a standard SUP. What's in the box? Wind 10'7 Air SUP Board 3-piece paddle Red Original Classic backpack/Board bag Titan Pump Repair kit Removable US box fins Water resistant phone case Leash Board Spec Length 10'7" Width 33"/838mm Thickness 4.7"/120mm Volume 296 litres Rider weight up to 120kg/265lb MAKE MINE AN MSL..... Stronger, Lighter, Stiffer Red Paddle Co's unique MSL technology is heading up the market for inflatable SUP design. Red Paddle Co's mission is to design and manufacture high-quality boards with zero compromise. THE BENEFITS OF MSL: Cosmetic finish: All Red Paddle Co boards now have an industry leading cosmetic finish with fewer wrinkles and blemishes.  The board looks cleaner, smoother and even feel better to touch. Weight saving: Red Paddle boards are up to 2kg lighter than previous versions.  But, importantly, they are not too light.  If a board is ultra light it's more affected by wind and currents on the water. Lower pressure: All Red Paddle boards now benefit from extra torsional stiffness, so they remain stiffer at lower pressures.  We recommend a pressure of between 18-2psi.  Less pump more paddling. Durability: The multiple-layer coating of Red Paddle Boards is tough and durable.  Thermosealed deckpads also keep their colour better than screen printed alternatives that fade quite quickly.  When you combine MSL with Red Paddle Co's patented RSS stiffening system you have inflatable boards that deliver the world's most authentic stand up paddle board experience. Extended warranty available Thank you for choosing a Red Paddle Co product through Wetsuitoutlet. By registering your purchase with Red Paddle Co, they will be able to offer you more effective customer service and keep you updated on what’s going on in the Red wor
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2018 Naish One Alana Sup Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 12'6
2018 Naish One Alana Sup Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 12'6" Inc Paddle, Bag & Pump
Naish One ALANA SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board WELCOME TO THE NEXT GENERATION OF INFLATABLE STAND UP PADDLING! The worlds best selling inflatable SUP now sports a bold, female friendly design for those just getting into the sport up to the most avid SUP racers.  Engineered to build speed and track straight for long distance tours and N1SXO one design racing, this board is also a great fit for all round cruising.  Stable and rigid at 30" wide and 6" thick, the ONE Alana features a hybrid second layer stringer and double rail consturction, which creates a super strong platform without the unnecessary weight.  Training i suilt right into the framework with an integrated number guide which helps riders reference proper stance positions for starts, long paddles and buoy turns.  Stay ahead of the crowd with the premium design that's built for speed. N1SCO stands for Naish International SUP Class Organisation, which is a one-design racing class where all riders compete exclusively on the ONE 12'6.  N1SCO competitions include sprint, intermediate-distance and long distance racing, as well as team relays that accessible for any level rider.  They are competative, fun events that are easy to follow, thrilling to watch and a great social experience for the whole family.  The introduction of the ONE, ONE LT, and ONE Alana LT boards are all welcome to participate as N1SCO racers. LT Construction: 1st Layer Preium Drop Stitch Deck & Bottom Durable & Rigid 0.9mm 1000 Denier PVC Polyester Space Yarn Density of 6.8 yarns / sq.inch Reinforced V-connection 2nd Layer Hybrid Stringer Reinforced shaping 0.52mm 1000 Denier PVC Double Rail Construction Strength & stiffness Internal 0.52mm 1000 Denier PVC External 0.7mm 1000 Denier PVC SelyTech KS-1 Adhesive Increases long term duravilit + seam reinforcement Maintains strongest adherence at higher temperatures compare to other glues Specifications: LENGTH: 12'6" / 381 cm WIDTH: 30" / 76.2 cm THICKNESS: 6" / 15.2 cm WEIGHT: 23.8 lbs / 10.8 kg VOLUME: 265 L MAX RIDER WT.: 104 kg / 230 lbs WHATS INCLUDED: SUP Board 3-Piece Alu Paddle Pump Travel/Storage Bag
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Further Information

The Stand Up Paddle Board Watersport has been around for a long time, but in recent years has become extremely popular mainly due to the aerobic nature of the sport and the amount of fun that it provides. We compare Stand Up Paddle Boards, Paddles, Wetsuits, Rash Vests, Accessories and more from leading Surfing Retailers to bring you the best prices for the top brands.

Stand up paddle Surfing, or Hoe he’e nalu in Hawaiian, is an up and coming sport that combines a Stand Up Paddle Board (sometimes abbreviated as SUP Board) with a stand up posture and a bladed paddle. Let’s take a closer look at this fascinating sport.

The History and Reemergence of the Paddle Board

It’s origination is Hawaiian and began as a way for Hawaiian surf instructors to maintain a better viewpoint of their students, as standing up gives better views of incoming waves. The term “Beach boy surfing” originated from Waikiki with surfers using these boards to get better viewpoints of tourists learning how to ride waves. The introduction of stand up paddle boarding into the modern scene is credited to the well known big wave surfers Dave Kalama and Laird Hamilton. Rick Thomas was the first of this generation’s surfers to use a stand up paddle board in the beaches of USA, taking a Munoz board with a Kinimaka paddle to California water in 2000.

SUP Surfing Advantages

This surfboard and surfing type has some tangible advantages:

  • Surfers gain a better view of incoming waves, which means they are able to catch more of the waves to surf on.
  • Paddle Surfing is great fun, and can provide many hours of enjoyment. Surfers don their wetsuits and paddle out for a great round a wave catching.
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding is known to give a great full body workout with an emphasis on the core muscles. As such, many cross trainers are beginning to favor the up and coming sport as a great way to maintain their physique and endurance.

The Equipment

The requirements for an enjoyable experience include a paddle board, paddle, chosen clothing, skin and eye sun protection, and a personal flotation device.

Paddle Board prices vary, we have a great selection on our Paddle Boards page, and the boards vary in size to suit the user’s experience level. The boards are usually longer than ordinary surf boards, being about 9 to 12 feet in length. Flatter, wider boards benefit the novice as they require a more stable ride on the water. Narrower boards are for those that have already been enjoying the sport for some time and don’t need as much assistance in balancing. Paddles should be chosen based on your height, with a standard one being 6 to 9 inches taller than the rider (although some manufacturers claim that 8 to 10 inches is a better decision).

Temperatures should be noted before venturing out on the water, as hypothermia can occur in colder climates. Consider a Wetsuit if these types of conditions could be present. In warmer climates anything that can respond to your movements and is comfortable when wet, such as a Rash Vest and Board Shorts or any standard swim wear would be suitable.

If surfing in the US it is of note that the US coast guard now maintains that SUPs are vessels. As such, those participating in this sport in US waters are required to wear floatation devices when at certain beaches.


If you’re looking for some new variety and maneuverability in surfing, stand up paddle boarding may be for you. This is a wonderful new addition to sport of surfing as a whole, and offers a kind of visibility and maneuverability that you are sure to enjoy. So go grab one of these boards, put on your wetsuit, and hit those waves!