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Starboard Big Easy Ast White Stand Up Paddle Board - 12ft 0 Picture
Starboard Big Easy Ast White Stand Up Paddle Board - 12ft 0
Length: 12 ft / 365.8cm; Width: 32 inches / 81.3cm; Thickness: 4.6 inches / 11.7cm; Tail Width: 16.8 inches / 42.6cm; Volume: 205 litres; Centre Fin: 9'' Drake injection moulded fin; Side Fins: M4.5''; Weight: 13.27kg; Stable from the generous width and great glide from the board's length; Generous nose width and mono-concave up front provides fun nose-riding opportunities; Pinned out aft section with ample tail rocker sports good wave riding characteristics for a board of this size; Slight mono-concave nose section to flat middle, with a fair amount of V in the back; :: Unisex > Surfboards
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Fanatic Fly Wood Editon 30.5inch Race Stand Up Paddle Board - 12ft 6 Picture
Fanatic Fly Wood Editon 30.5inch Race Stand Up Paddle Board - 12ft 6
Length: 12ft 6; Width: 30.5 inches; Volume: 254 litres; Clear Wood Technology: Based on three different wood types; Unbleached bamboo in the bottom; Rails finished with dark coloured wedge; Deck is made with a high density resistant version of ash wood; Domed Nose: Quick nose recovery and water disperse; Flat Angled Deck Shape: For secured stance and water release; Smooth Tail Rocker: From a CAD analysed curve flow means clean water release in paddle motion; Outline: Stretched outline with stabilizing square tail; Long Maximized Waterline: Means less effort and more momentum; Fittings: Fly 9''; US Box; :: Unisex > Surfboards
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Xcite Sports Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Picture
Xcite Sports Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
Xcite Carve Inflatable SUP 9'6" Model Our Xcite Carve Inflatable SUP 9'6" Model (Stand up Paddleboard) can be taken anywhere and comes complete with all you need to get out on the water! Whether you want to tour the coastline,surf, fish, take on some whitewater,or simply a paddling workout, just throw this into the back of the car ! How about doing your Yoga on one in the pool? Tough Hyperlon material means no damage to board or pool sides! The Carve is more manoeuverable than its big brother which makes it better for surfing.

More suited to lighter adults and kids.

Carries up to 95kg. The Xcite Carve Inflatable SUP features: 100mm thick,double wall high pressure air deck drop stich construction makes it a very rigid, tough & robust 30inch wide 3 toughflex fin box for stable tracking and smooth surfing Large non slip yellow/red/black EVA deck pad Board volume 220 litres when fully inflated Comes complete with Free 3 section lightweight aluminium oar that floats! Replace this with our Bravo Paddle & Kayak option upgrades.

D ring at back for leash attachment 4 more D rings at front for strapping down equipment A further 4 more D Rings for optional kayak seat attachment Complete with built in carry handle Free Bravo SUP Pump with adaptor Complete with repair kit, valve spanner and its own rucksack!! Pump Stands at 21" (53cm) tall Big 2500cc capacity Max pressure 15PSI (1 Bar) Effortless smooth action Comes complete with Halkey Roberts valve adaptor + range of other adaptors Comes complete in a strapped shoulder bag 4ft Hose This has an aluminium shaft handle for durability Recommended inflated pressure for Xcite Carve Inflatable SUP 12-15 PSI. Weight of board, oar, pump, bag,and repair kit complete 15kg. When packed away in rucksack size approx.

80cm(31") long x 36cm(14") diameter.
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Further Information

The Stand Up Paddle Board Watersport has been around for a long time, but in recent years has become extremely popular mainly due to the aerobic nature of the sport and the amount of fun that it provides. We compare Stand Up Paddle Boards, Paddles, Wetsuits, Rash Vests, Accessories and more from leading Surfing Retailers to bring you the best prices for the top brands.

Stand up paddle Surfing, or Hoe he’e nalu in Hawaiian, is an up and coming sport that combines a Stand Up Paddle Board (sometimes abbreviated as SUP Board) with a stand up posture and a bladed paddle. Let’s take a closer look at this fascinating sport.

The History and Reemergence of the Paddle Board

It’s origination is Hawaiian and began as a way for Hawaiian surf instructors to maintain a better viewpoint of their students, as standing up gives better views of incoming waves. The term “Beach boy surfing” originated from Waikiki with surfers using these boards to get better viewpoints of tourists learning how to ride waves. The introduction of stand up paddle boarding into the modern scene is credited to the well known big wave surfers Dave Kalama and Laird Hamilton. Rick Thomas was the first of this generation’s surfers to use a stand up paddle board in the beaches of USA, taking a Munoz board with a Kinimaka paddle to California water in 2000.

SUP Surfing Advantages

This surfboard and surfing type has some tangible advantages:

  • Surfers gain a better view of incoming waves, which means they are able to catch more of the waves to surf on.
  • Paddle Surfing is great fun, and can provide many hours of enjoyment. Surfers don their wetsuits and paddle out for a great round a wave catching.
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding is known to give a great full body workout with an emphasis on the core muscles. As such, many cross trainers are beginning to favor the up and coming sport as a great way to maintain their physique and endurance.

The Equipment

The requirements for an enjoyable experience include a paddle board, paddle, chosen clothing, skin and eye sun protection, and a personal flotation device.

Paddle Board prices vary, we have a great selection on our Paddle Boards page, and the boards vary in size to suit the user’s experience level. The boards are usually longer than ordinary surf boards, being about 9 to 12 feet in length. Flatter, wider boards benefit the novice as they require a more stable ride on the water. Narrower boards are for those that have already been enjoying the sport for some time and don’t need as much assistance in balancing. Paddles should be chosen based on your height, with a standard one being 6 to 9 inches taller than the rider (although some manufacturers claim that 8 to 10 inches is a better decision).

Temperatures should be noted before venturing out on the water, as hypothermia can occur in colder climates. Consider a Wetsuit if these types of conditions could be present. In warmer climates anything that can respond to your movements and is comfortable when wet, such as a Rash Vest and Board Shorts or any standard swim wear would be suitable.

If surfing in the US it is of note that the US coast guard now maintains that SUPs are vessels. As such, those participating in this sport in US waters are required to wear floatation devices when at certain beaches.


If you’re looking for some new variety and maneuverability in surfing, stand up paddle boarding may be for you. This is a wonderful new addition to sport of surfing as a whole, and offers a kind of visibility and maneuverability that you are sure to enjoy. So go grab one of these boards, put on your wetsuit, and hit those waves!


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